The 4G WiMAX technology this device used (where available) to access high-speed data is no longer supported. Your device can still access data, but only at 3G speeds.

What is it?

The ICC ID (Integrated Circuit Card ID) is a unique 20-digit identifying "serial number" that is associated to the UICC Card in your phone.

Important Note: The UICC Card does not store any information (like contacts, photos, etc.) and won't transfer your phone number if you put it into another device.

Where to find your ICC ID

The ICC ID can be found in several locations:

Need to insert your UICC Card?

Some devices don't come with the UICC Card inserted. If you received a separate UICC Card (like the one shown above) when you acquired your device, you'll need to insert it yourself. No worries, it's easy.

Click here for specific instructions on how to remove and install a UICC Card for your specific device.

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For Broadband2Go Activation: Please refer to the activation guide that came with your USB or MiFi® device.

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